Minimal Pairs: /EE/ x /IH/ 🎧

A minimal pair is a pair of words that vary by only a single sound. These are usually the most difficult sounds for English learners. During the course, these minimal pairs will help you understand the difference between difficult sounds.

In this section, we are introducing the /IH/ Sound, like in the words, his, kiss, shit, etc. We have not covered this sound yet, so don't worry if you have some difficulties in the beginning. We are just introducing this sound so you will be more prepared in the future πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

Pronunciation Beats Transcript
  • Is x ease
  • Hit x heat
  • It x eat
  • Is x ease
  • This x These
  • Ten x Teen
  • Bid x bead
  • Bit x Beat
  • Bitch x Beach
  • Piss x Peace
  • Lick x leak
  • Pitch x peach
  • Sin x seen
  • Men x mean
  • Ship x sheep
  • Shit x sheet
  • Fill x feel 
  • Pill x peel
  • Will x wheel