Week 7: The 3 T's of English

Hey guys! So in this week’s lesson we are talking about the Three T’s of English. 

So most people think there are just one T, but in reality there are at least three, maybe more depending on the way you count it. 

And I know the difference between T sounds, seems a little unnecessary, but it is super important. First, we are getting more advanced, so we can focus on the minor details and the nuances. 

Secondly, the we use these three T sounds all of the time in English. And English speakers will really notice when you use them incorrectly. You need to have the capacity to produce them very naturally. 

Finally, these different T sounds give you the ability to speak much faster. You know when you hear English speakers speaking extremely fast, and you are thinking, “Why are they talking so fast?” It is probably because of these T sounds. 

So, in this section we are going to divide them into three T sounds: the true T, the flap T, and the stop T. 

OK, that is enough of me talking in this introduction. Let’s get started with the true T.