Week 5: /TH/ Bite your Tongue! ๐Ÿ‘…

In week 5, we are going to spend an entire week (yes, a whole week!) on the TH sound. 

The reason we are dedicated an entire week to this one sound is because it is super difficult for Brazilians.

First, this sound doesn't exist in Portuguese. So it is totally new for you. As you will see during the next couple of weeks, sounds that don't exist in Portuguese will usually be the most difficult ones to master. 

Secondly, the TH is a crazy sound even for native English speakers. I had a lisp (lรญngua presa) when I was young, so I had to work for years to say the TH sound correctly. 

Finally, the TH is super common. Many students think that they will be fine without really training the TH. But if you think about the last sentence I wrote - there were 5 TH's. So, yeah. It's important. 

So let's get ready to bite our tongues until they bleed (joking), and start training this crazy sound! ๐Ÿ‘…