Ok, so here’s the thing - the thing that no one thinks about. 

That language is about the sounds. The strategies. The stories. 

If you think you can spend months reading textbooks and then suddenly have the ability to speak fluently, think again. 

That’s the thing that I think we do better than most language schools. They think that grammar and vocabulary are more important than the reason we got in the game in the first place: to communicate and connect with native speakers. 

We’ve thought it through thoroughly and we really think our method is one of the best. If you find another method that’s worth it, then we will work together with them. Because when you really think about it, that’s what this is all about: coming together with other people. 

Sound School: Personal Pronunciation Coaching for Brazilians

Uma escola não convencional para aprender mais rápido, entender nativos, e falar sem vergonha.

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