English Pronunciation: O Guia Definitivo by Foster Hodge

This free e-book includes:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of the 44 Sounds of English ✔
  • A focus on the most difficult sounds of English ✔
  • Teaches you new philosophies and approaches to learning languages ✔
  • Versions in Portuguese & English for extra training ✔
  • And much, much, more... ✔

What our students are saying...

“Foster is an excellent teacher and a friend. If you want to learn and correct/increase your pronunciation, 100% certain that he is the right person for this task.”
Rodrigo, Gerente @ Reserva
“Foster is an excellent pronunciation coach. His approach to sounds changed the way I speak and connect to native speakers.”
Totoro, Porta dos Fundos
Foster is an excellent teacher! Due to his determination and hard work, he is uniquely qualified to meet your demands, be they pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary or anything else! I really enjoy his method. Ever since I have started studying with Foster, all my English skills have improved and I am nothing but certain that I will continue to make excellent progress. Thank you, man!
Ruben, Supply Chain Manager

From the author

The idea of this book is to give you a new approach to the English language. Language is about sounds and human connection. Our goal is to make learning English easier, more fun, and more effective.

-Foster Hodge, Founder of Inglês Nu E Cru

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The Sounds of English E-Book (Português)
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